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Partnered with DNA Diagnostics Center, we are dedicated to offering you the best in products and services. We look forward to working with you. DNA Discovery provides family relationship testing to the general public, health care providers, adoption agencies, legal professionals and embassies. Our office headquarters is located in Central Illinois. We have collection sites across the globe and nation wide. Our guaranteed test results combined with our highly trained professional staff provide you with the most reliable test on the market at a price affordable on any budget.
Every case is unique and will be handled with strict confidentiality. The results are released only to the parties consenting to the DNA testing. Legal packets can be requested and sent to an attorney working with your case for a small additional fee. In the majority of cases, the results are available in 3 business days for the standard paternity test. Special testing like Grand Parentage, Siblingship, Twin Zygosity, or samples from the embryo or deceased person may take additional testing time. Please talk to your case manager about these special tests.
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Samples are collected by professional collection sites nationwide. The collection is a simple swab inside the mouth cheek. We use sterile, painless, buccal swabs that collect epithelial cells from inside the participants cheeks. We can also do the testing with blood, by request. Both blood and buccal swab results are guaranteed. It is legally required that our collectors take a picture of all tested parties at the time of the collection. Clients may also bring in a recent photo of all parties being tested.

Results Guaranteed

Our DNA test is the most accurate DNA test available and the results will prove whether the tested man is the father or not. If he is NOT the father, the test results will be able to exclude him and will show a probability of 0%. If he IS the father, the test results will NOT be able to exclude him and will show a probability of at least 99.99%. Our accuracy is significantly higher than most other laboratories and more than 1 million times higher than government standards.

Tests are all run twice, following the most strict guidelines, which guarantees conclusive, accurate results. Results will be available within 3 business days from date of collection for our standard DNA test. Our chain of custody for our legal test provides results that can be used in any private or legal situation. Results can be used for changing names on Birth Certificates, obtaining life or health insurance for a child, child support, custody or wills. Test results can be used in any U.S. Court of law.

In rare cases genetic mutations can be identified. Our lab can not guarantee results >99.99% probability when a genetic mutation occurs. In cases when these rare genetic mutations are identified additional extended testing may be needed to reach the 99.99% probability.
Standard DNA Paternity
Single Parent Paternity
Twin Zygosity
Personal DNA Code
Additional Child
Self (Home) Collection
There is a speciment collection fee of $15.00 - $50.00 that applies to each person being tested.

We Accept
Checks, cash, money orders, debit cards, Visa, Master Card, and Discover Card.

Can DNA testing be done without the mother's sample?
Yes the testing can be completed without having mom's sample. However about one case out of every 200 will need additional testing or the mother's sample. Therefore it is always recommended to include the mother's samples if possible.
How are typical samples collected?
Most collections are performed with a sterile swab. The swabs are rubbed inside the cheek to collect epithelial cells from all tested individuals. The collection is painless. Samples are collected from one person at a time and sealed in front of the clients.
Can blood be used for testing?
If you do not wish to painlessly have your epithelial cheek cells collected, you may use blood from one or all individuals being tested. Results are guaranteed with either blood or the epithelial cheek cells.
How old does the child have to be?
Testing can be completed on newborns, any age child or adult. We can even do prenatal testing. With prenatal testing there is a increased cost and the mothers Obstetric doctor will have to perform collection of the samples.
Can testing be completed if the alleged father is deceased?
Yes there are several ways to do the testing. Samples can be collected at the time of autopsy like cheek cells, blood or a tissue sample. Other options are if they had recent surgery or blood work at a hospital the next of kin can sign a release of the samples. Or if the grandparents are available, we can do Grandparentage collections.
What if the mother and child and the alleged father live in different cities or states?
Testing can be performed anywhere in the U.S. as well as in different countries. We have collection sites nationwide. Our client will be responsible for one shipping fee and we will cover the other shipping fee if it is in the U.S. As soon as both sets of samples get to our lab testing begins and results are available for release in 2 business days.
How long does a standard paternity test take?
Our tests are available for the alleged father and child or the alleged father, child and mother in 3 business days from the day of collection. Other testing may take additional testing time. Please talk to your case manager with any questions.
Do I need a doctor or an attorney to get a legal DNA test?
No, except if you live in the state of New York. Our lab requires a written prescription from a doctor in the state of New York or a court order. We can fax the prescription to your personal MD or MD of your request.
Do any insurance companies cover the cost of a paternity test?
No, DNA testing is not considered a medical necessity. There is no insurance company that will pay for DNA testing.
Can payments be made on my bill?
Payments can be made but we cannot release the results until the final payment is submitted.
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Testing includes mother, child and alleged father.
Testing includes the child and the alleged father.
Tested at the same time as the first child.
Commonly used for: Child Identity, Immigration or Corrections
Determine whether two children that were born at the same time are identical twins (share DNA) or are fraternal twins.
Self-collected DNA Testing is available at a lower cost if you prefer to do the collection in the privacy of your own home. The results of a self-collected DNA Test are guaranteed, however the results are not usable in any court of law or government agency. We will provide you with a Collection Kit that contains all the necessary materials for the collection process. A case manager will go through the details with any client who wishes to use this service.